Sleepbuds User Guide

Hardware Overview

This guide helps you learn about and identify all the different parts of your Sleepbuds and Smart Charging Case.


The Sleepuds connect to the Smart Charging Case using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). 

Charging Pads

These must make solid contact with the base of the charging pins on the Smart Charging Case in order to charge.

Silicon Tips

Sleepbuds come with 4 differest size Silicone tips to ensure a proper fit.

0 — Extra Small

1 – Small

2 — Medium

3 — Large

Smart Charging Case

  • Bluetooth connection to phone/tablet
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection to the Sleepbuds
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Microphone
  • Charging cradle for Sleepbuds.

Charging Pins

The Sleepbud charging pads must be seated on these in order to charge.

Smart Charging Case Status LEDs

The 5 LEDs in the center of the case are used to communicate connecting, connected, charging, charge, pairing mode and updating states of the case.

Sleepbud Status LEDs

The right and left LEDs are used to communicate connecting, connected, charging, and charged states of the Sleepbuds.

Smart Charging Case Lid

Open the Smart Charging Case’s lid to intiate the Bluetooth connection to your phone/tablet.

Charge Port Status LED

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Factory Reset Button

Located on back of case, the Factory Reset button is used to reset your Sleepbuds and Smart Charging Case to the factory settings. Insert a thin paper clip into the hole and press until you feel a click.

Charging Cable

The supplied Charging Cable uses a Standard USB A to USB C connector. The USB C side of the cable plugs into the back of the Smart Charging Case. The larger USB A side of the cable must be plugged into a power source.