by Sleep

Everyone wants to turn your sleep into a science project.

Watches, bands, straps, rings; endless devices that present fancy dashboards of data.

Data that ultimately tells us that we’re too fat, too slow, don’t exercise enough, don’t sleep enough… that basically, we are not enough.

And yet, none of these devices solve the problem. They just tell us about it, over and over and over again.

At Ozlo, we have a different perspective. We believe in science. We believe in technology. We believe in art. We believe that marrying the best of these worlds can help us solve important problems.

And one of the biggest problems is sleep.

In theory, we are supposed to spend a third of our lives in bed sleeping. It’s deeply important. Great quality sleep is not only essential for our health, it enables us to be the best version of ourselves.

For so many people though, the reality looks very different. People spend hours tossing and turning trying to get asleep. Or even if they do fall asleep easily, they wake up throughout the night. All of this adds up to billions of people around the world routinely getting poor sleep.

Why are so many people suffering? What’s the cause? There are many. But one of the biggest is… NOISE.

Noise comes in many flavors. Sometimes, it’s the person snoring next to you. Sometimes, it’s an ambulance siren or loud neighbors. Sometimes, it’s the noise in your head—worrying about finances or work. 

It can be overwhelming and frustrating to be drowning in noise when all you’re trying to do is relax and sleep.

Ozlo is on a mission to quiet the noise. We've gathered some of the world's best mechanical, electrical, firmware, manufacturing, audio, design and software engineers, with one goal in mind: let’s figure out how to help people get better rest.

Our first product is “Sleepbuds,” tiny bluetooth earbuds designed for sleep. They are ultra-comfy, especially for side sleepers, and come with all-night battery life and biometric sensing.

While it’s taken years of hard work to get this far, our story is only beginning. Join us on the journey and learn more about Sleepbuds today.



Rockwell Shah

Post graduating Cornell University in Economics, Rockwell led and scaled 4PatientCare, a software company in the healthcare space (acq'd by Essilor). Subsequently, he has spent the last decade in consumer sleep creating successful sleep apps.

CTO & Co-Founder

N.B. Patil

In 2000, N.B. joined Bose as a firmware engineer, rising up the ranks over the next 20+ years at the company to ultimately lead the engineering team and business development for new consumer electronics concepts.

COO & Co-Founder

Brian Mulcahey

A seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience, Brian started, led and grew the sleep business at Bose. He joined the company after two successful start-ups. And he left 20 years later as Managing Director of Bose's venture capital arm.

CSO & Co-Founder

Charles Taylor

As the former Head of New Business Licensing at Bose, Charlie successfully led the development and launch of multiple software products, overseeing the entire journey from conceptualization to market-scale implementation.