Ozlo Sleepbuds®

The next generation.

Stream any content to find the zzz’s you deserve. With biometric sensors built into the Ozlo Sleepbuds®, we know when you’ve fallen asleep. Plus the smart charging case’s environmental sensors can report back potential sleep disturbances like noise, light, or temperature that could impact your sleep quality. Wake with a personal alarm that won’t disrupt your partner. Understand how you slept with the personalized Ozlo Morning Report that offers suggestions to optimize your overall sleep experience. When you're done sleeping, use our reliable case with up to 4 charges for your Sleepbuds®.

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All-Night Comfort

Soft silicone tips.

Ozlo Sleepbuds® don’t feel like other earbuds and they stay in place even when you toss and turn. The tiny earbuds, with their comfortable silicone tips and anchor-in-place wings, are made for all-night comfort no matter your position. Sleep on your back, side, or whatever works for you. Sleepbuds® will remain in place and you'll barely notice they're there because you’ll be sound asleep!

Size Matters

Designed for sleep.

Ozlo Sleepbuds® are tiny, wireless, and specifically developed to help you get the best sleep of your life. They are super low profile and the comfy silicone tips stay gently nestled in your ears all night. Other headphones aren’t designed for sleep. They either stick out too far, fall out, or have cords you get tangled in.

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The Right Fit

A size for everyone.

From L to XS we’ve got your unique ear shape covered. Sleepbuds® are designed to stay in place and don't stick out causing undue pressure on your ear like other earbuds. Our silicone tips are soft yet durable, and engineered to stay secure in your ear all night long. The umbrella-shaped ear tip gently seals off your ear canal, while the pliable wing fits snugly in the ridge of your ear. Think, a hug for your inner ear.

Quiet the Noise
Noise Masking

Quiet the noise.

A partner snoring right next to you? Or the beat dropping from the party upstairs? Unpredictable spikes or changes in sound are what interrupt your sleep. Ozlo's noise-masking technology combines passive noise blocking with optimized noise-masking sounds to cover up disruptions that may otherwise wake you and provide sounds that help you relax into sleep mode.

Automatic Playback

It's like magic.

With our Beta Sleep Algorithm, sensors in the Sleepbuds® can tell when you fall asleep. Transition gently to one of our noise-masking audio tracks and play it all night long or for a pre-set amount of time. Or transition to silence, while enjoying Sleepbuds® passive noise blocking all night long.

Automatic Playback
Quiet the Noise
Stream Anything

Choose your lullaby.

Ozlo Sleepbuds® allow you to stream whatever content puts your mind in its happy place. Podcasts, audiobooks, music, meditations, ASMR, audio of children reciting the pledge of allegiance on repeat, etc.

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Personal Alarm

Do not disturb.

In-ear alarms that wake you, not your partner. Ozlo Sleepbuds® have a built-in alarm that gently wakes you from your sound sleep without jarring you or your partner. Your slumbering partner will thank you. Trust us.

Personal Alarm
Charging Case

Seriously smart.

More than just a pretty charging case, the Ozlo smart charging case includes environmental sensors that report potential sleep disturbances throughout the night. And while we can't do anything about the uncomfortable memory foam mattress you might be sleeping on, we do know that the noises, light, and temperature of the room all can impact your sleep quality.

Battery Life

So much power.

Up to 10 hours of listening time for all-night noise-masking. The case allows for an additional 4 full charges for the Sleepbuds®, so you can take it with you anywhere you go (camping, anyone?!).

Big Buds

Data on lockdown.

We’re building a secure platform where customers can optionally provide some personal information that allows us to customize and optimize your Ozlo sleep analytics and interventions. Unlike other sleep products, the Ozlo platform is able to work locally from our Sleepbuds® to our smart charging case and your phone to process and analyze your sleep. That means limited personal information is sent to the cloud for processing.

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Ozlo App

Sleep in your hands.

The Ozlo app provides you with a nightly sleep score and easy-to-integrate recommendations by monitoring and analyzing your sleep, and the top three environmental factors of sleep disruptions - noise, light, and temperature. It also allows you to personalize and customize your sleep routines to optimize your overall experience.

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