Keep your nights disruption-free

Sleepbuds® umbrella Wingtip seals off your ear canal to passively block noises. Drift off to sleep to one of our science-backed, calming masking sounds.

Just awoke from the BEST night’s sleep. Amazing... I was asleep within minutes and didn’t come to until 7:30am! I haven't slept like that since I was in college.

— Susan P.

After the first night I can say they are very comfortable. No Sore ears this morning, unlike when I use my AirPods!

— Emergency_Mongoose9

As a college student living in close proximity to 3 other people, my Sleedpbuds have already been life changing! Not being woken up by other peoples alarms or them talking late into the night is amazing!

— Morgan T.

The hardest part of the setup was opening the box.

— Bob X.

Side Sleeper Approved

Feels like a hug
for your inner ear

Sleepbuds® don't stick out causing undue pressure on your ear like other earbuds. 



in every ear

Our all-silicone tips are soft yet durable, and engineered to stay secure in your ear all night long. And the squishy Wingtips fit snugly in the ridge of your ear to create a super secure fit. 

One size fits you

Sleepbuds® come with 4 different size silicone Wingtips that are soft yet durable, and engineered to block out sleep-disrupting sounds.

Enjoy 10 hours of noise-blocking bliss

The Sleepbuds® can hold up to a 10-hour charge for all-night noise masking or streaming. The case can provide up to 4 full additional charges so you can take it with you anywhere you go.

Sleep Sounds

Each of our Sleep Sounds have been engineered to cover up sleep-disrupting noises like a snoring partner, city sounds, or your party loving neighbors. All so you can fall asleep — and stay asleep — all-night long. Find your favorite and get some rest.


Super comfy, 
Snore blocking, 
Stream all-night,
Side sleeper approved,

Super Squishy

Silicone Wingtips

Every piece that touches your ear is made from super soft, buttery smooth, squishy silicone. This allows for unmatched all-night comfort. Sleepbuds® feel like tiny pillows in your ears.

Makes waking
up personal

Sleepbuds® have an in-ear personal alarm that gently wakes you from your sound sleep without jarring you or your partner. 

Coming Soon

Keeps you asleep

all-night long

The biometric sensors built into Sleepbuds® allow us to detect when you fall asleep. With this important info, we can automatically switch from audio you were streaming to masking sounds, and keep you disruption free.

Coming Soon

Monitors what 
can impact your 
sleep quality

While your case charges on your nightstand, sensors detect the noise, light, and temperature of your room. We use this information to provide you with a personalized report every day in the Ozlo Sleep App.

Let's Get Streamy

Stream anything 
that puts your 
mind at ease

Sleepbuds® allow you to stream whatever content puts your mind in its happy place. Podcasts, audiobooks, music, meditations, ASMR, audio of children reciting the pledge of allegiance on repeat, etc.

Quiet the world 
without your phone

Simply remove your Sleepbuds® from the case and your chosen masking sound will start playing automatically.

In phone-free mode, we shutoff the bluetooth radios and play audio directly from the memory on your Sleepbuds®.

Coming Soon

Personalize how 
your data is used

Unlike other sleep products, the Ozlo platform is able to work locally with our Sleepbuds®, smart charging case, and your phone to process and analyze your sleep. Limited personal information is sent to the cloud for processing.

Better sleep
in your hands

The Ozlo Sleep app makes setting up and controlling your Sleepbuds® super simple. 

Ozlo Sleepbuds - Presale

A science-driven, one-stop-shop for the best sleep of your life. Unlike other headphones and earbuds, our tiny Sleepbuds® are designed to comfortably block out sleep-disrupting sounds and replace the noise with anything you’d like to stream. They are ultra-comfy, even for side sleepers, and come with all-night battery life and biometric sensing.
Comfy Super Comfy
Comfy Copy Low Profile
Snore Up to 4 Charges
Snore Copy Up to 10 Hours
Streaming Stream Anything
Streaming Copy Noise Masking
Streaming Copy 3 Personal Alarm
Snore Copy 2 Biometric Sensors
Streaming Copy 2 Environmental Sensors
Snore Copy 3 Ozlo Sleep App

In The Box

Tech Specs
Materials & Design
  • Tiny, fully flush, in-ear design
  • 4 super soft silicone tips from XS to L
  • Patented winged tips keep the Sleepbuds® securely in your ears all night
Sound & Features
  • Cover-up and mask outside noises with curated audio or any content you wish to stream
  • Wake up to a fully private, in-ear alarm
  • Understand how you slept and your sleep environment the next day (coming soon)
Connectivity & Charging
  • Listen all night with up to 10 hours of playback on a full charge
  • Recharge the Sleepbuds® in the Smart Charging Case up to 4 times
  • USB C Charging Cable
  • Stream through Bluetooth® or fully disconnect and use Phone-free Mode with no bluetooth required
Do they have noise cancelling?

Our Sleepbuds® feature passive noise blocking to block out snoring and other noise. In addition, we offer “noise masking” audio content (think, white noise, ocean waves, babbling brook, etc) to cover up and replace any sounds that bleed through the passive seal of the comfortable silicone eartips. This “block, cover and replace” noise-masking technology is different than active noise cancellation, and our testing indicates that it’s more effective for the sleep use case in a bedroom environment.

What type of Bluetooth technology do they use?

Ozlo Sleepbuds® use both Bluetooth and LE audio in the product; the stream from the case to the buds is LE audio, which requires the case to pair with a Bluetooth device if using outside audio.

Do they have an alarm?

Yes, our Sleepbuds® have a built-in private alarm which can be set up through our app. The alarm doesn’t require the phone to be connected.

What is the warranty?

Ozlo Sleepbuds will come with a 1-year warranty. See Details

What is the wireless range?

Ozlo Sleepbuds® have a range of up to 10 ft (3 meters) from the Smart Charging Case. The Smart Charging Case has a range of up to 10 ft (3 meters) from the source device. This range may be reduced by physical obstructions, such as walls and doors, or by interference from other electronic devices. Pops or a cracking noise may be heard if there’s interference with the Bluetooth connection. If that happens, move away from wireless routers or microwaves and bring your Sleepbuds® closer to the Smart Charging Case and the Smart Charging Case closer to the source device.

What type of battery do they use?

We use an Accu60L3 battery from VARTA in our earbuds. With a rich history and extensive proficiency in battery technology, VARTA has crafted the Accu product series with a distinct focus on the medical sector. This series is tailor-made to cater to the exacting demands of medical markets, aligning seamlessly with our unwavering dedication to delivering superior quality, unmatched reliability, and unparalleled excellence for the well-being of patients.

The Accu60L3 battery has proven its durability and stability through rigorous testing and real-world applications. Its innovative design, coupled with VARTA's stringent quality control standards, has consistently delivered a battery that excels in various demanding environments.

Can I connect to any device?

Streaming on the Ozlo system is available for any Bluetooth device, and our App is available for Android (Google Pixel 6a+ and the latest Android phones running Android 12 or later) and iOS (Apple iPhone 12+ running iOS v14 or later)

Will the app work on Android and Apple?

Yes, the app will be available for Android (Google Pixel 6a+ and the latest Android phones running Android 12 or later) and iOS (Apple iPhone 12+ running iOS v14 or later).

Do they need to be connected to a Bluetooth device to function?

Bluetooth is necessary to pair the Sleepbuds® with your device. Once set up, it is only used to stream audio and switch soundscapes and settings. If you would like to stream audio, then yes, you need to connect to a Bluetooth device while listening. You will also need a Bluetooth-enabled device to set up the product initially. Once your Sleepbuds® are set up, you can use the Ozlo masking tracks without the device. Switching the soundscapes and settings, though, will require a connection.

Does the Smart Charging Case support wireless charging?

No, it does not at this time.

Can they take phone calls?

While there is a microphone in the charging case (to assess the noise level in your sleeping environment), there is no microphone in the earbuds to support phone calls.

Does the alarm still work phone-free mode?

The alarm still works in this mode, as it’s stored locally in the charging case which includes a “real-time clock” so the system knows what time it is, even when the phone is no longer connected. Note that because the phone is not involved in this mode, you will only be able to play locally stored content, and won’t be able to stream audio to the buds.